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Approved Knabstrupper Elite- Stallion

Upal von Norholm


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Shoc: Elite-stallion
ZfdP: winner of approval test, winner stallion 2001, only knabstrupper stallion worldwide, who passed 70-days performance test !!!

Upal, born in 1999, was chosen for breeding in Aachen2001- he was the winner stallion! He is the only Knabstrupper - stallion worldwide, who got a distinction in the 70-days-examination for crossbreeds. The gradings:
Motivation: 8,5  
Temperament: 9,0  
Constitution: 9,0
Jumping- ability: 9,5  
(stallion´s depot Radegast)

Upal von Norholm features a lot of moving and jumping ability. Due to his powerful haunches he appears not only as a movement- artist in dressage tests but also in the showjumping course as a jumper of the special class with the best manner of jumping, basculate and the necessary precaution. Upal of Norholm is not only highly successful in sports(tournament starts till class M= height between 120 and 140 cm, wide(oxer):between 130 and 180 cm).), but he also appears in spare time as a faithful partner who is all the time ready to perform.

He is very clear cool, honestly, fearlessly and proves by his calmness his diversity. Due to his fascinating character as well as the high willingness for learning combined with limitless ability with a fantastic exterieur, it made him to a allround eye-cacher par excellence! Upal can look back to highly awarded, partly winner's foal!!!

He has a full pedigree with the best ancestry and no inborn defects in his free generation. He is approved for mares of all races (registered in the Zfdp, AKA, KNN, Shoc).

Upal von Norholm disposes one of the highest semen- quality (detectable) = about 90 % semen motility, he is a very good - colour producer !!! High successes in covering warmblood mares !!!

He is approved for all races.

natural breeding and Frozen semen (stored in Germany and USA/Texas) is available.

Hubert Metzler


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